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Size: 100ml


Vanilla, Sugar

MIDDLE NOTESAgarwood, Incense

BASE NOTESSandalwood, Musk

Ariana by Dhamma Perfumes may look like an eastern fragrance but what you get is a classic modern touch in it. In other words, one that's unique, bold, and is sure to leave a powerful impression on anyone who smells it. At the heart of this scent is the pairing of Vanilla and sugar which make for a sweet and subtly gourmand fragrance.

Furthermore, the heart notes are agarwood and incense and closing notes are musk to give the eastern blend. This perfume is good for autumn and winter for night events.

Dhamma Ariana Eau De Parfum, Fargrance  - 100 ML
ARIANA - AMD PERFUMES Prix de venteDhs. 69.00 AED